Iliadis losing to Peters by Hansoku-make

In this video clip from the recently concluded 2013 Paris Grand Slam, you’ll see Olympic and double World Champion Ilias Iliadis of Greece losing to Dimitri Peters of Germany.

Iliadis, who recently moved up a weight class, is clearly outpowered by Dimitri. Iliadis actually started out his career competing at -73kg and steadily moved up to -81kg, then -90kg and now -100kg.

The main reason Iliadis lost though was that he was still not used to the new rules. Referees are now quick to penalize players for one-side grips, double-handed grip breaks and non-combativity. Iliadis got penalized for all these things until he got disqualified with hansoku-make.

The lesson in all this: fight in the right weight class and familiarize yourself with the new rules.


About Oon Yeoh

I'm a judo player and writer.
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