Judogi Pyramid

The world's first judogi pyramid launched at the 2011 Paris World Championships (IJF)

On first day of competition at the 2011 Paris World Championship, the first-ever pyramid of judogi was officially inaugurated by Jean-Luc Rougé, President of the French Judo Federation and new Secretary-General of the IJF.

The idea behind the judogi pyramid is very simple: Every spectator, athlete or official can bring a judogi, drop it into the pyramid and he/she will receive a 30% discount for a new judogi from Greenhill or Adidas stores in Bercy. ”

The donated judogis will then be used in judo-related social projects globally such as Judo for Peace, Judo for Children, 100 Black Belts, etc.

Former World Champion Ruben Houkes (NED) donates his judogi (IJF)

During the ceremony, former World Champion Ruben Houkes of Holland donated his judogi. Ruben, who is involved in the IJF Judo for Children Commission, believes strongly in the concept of using judo as a development tool to promote a better society.


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I'm a judo player and writer.
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