Women’s -70kg

-70kg Final: A very dominant DeCosse (FRA) in white, has her opponent Bosch (NED) back-peddling throughout the contest (JudoPhotos.com)

In the -78kg category, there is only one favorite and that’s France’s double World Champion, Lucie Decosse, who is clearly head and shoulders above the competition. She had no problems making it to the top of Pool A, defeating all her opponents by ippon.

Hungary’s Anett Meszaros topped Pool B, which meant she would face Decosse in the semi-finals. Meszaros has beaten DeCosse before, in the 2009 Rotterdam World Championships. But in their two recent fights, in the past year, DeCosse was the winner.

On the other side, the No. 2 IJF-ranked Edith Bosch of Holland topped Pool C. If anyone could give DeCosse a good fight, it would be Bosch, a former world champion. Meanwhile, top of Pool D was lesser-known Onix Cortés Aldama from Cuba, who is ranked just outside the Top 20 in the IJF rankings (she’s seeded 21).

The semi-finals went as expected with DeCosse winning her bout against Meszaros by throwing her Hungarian opponent with a slick osoto-gari into harai-goshi combination, which scored ippon. Holland’s Bosch had a harder time with the plucky Cuban Cortés Aldama and had to rely on penalties to win her match. Still, this earned her a ticket to the final.

Bronze Medal Matches
Japan’s Yoriko Kunihara threw Cortés Aldama with uchimata-makikomi to score waza-ari, which was enough to win her the bronze medal. The other bronze was won by Hungary’s Anett Meszaros, whose uchimata scored yuko and left her Slovenian opponent, Rasa Sraka‘s ankle badly injured. Sraka could not continue and the match (which only had a few seconds left) was awarded Meszaros.

If there were any doubts that DeCosse would win this bout, all would have been erased soon after the match started. It was a disappointing final with Bosch refusing to come to grips with DeCosse and back-pedaling throughout the entire fight, giving new meaning to the phrase “non-combativity”.

She steadily incurred penalties and nearly got her fourth shido — which would have meant hansoku-make — with about 11 seconds left. The judges conferred and decided to let the match go on but even so, Bosch refused to come to grips and in the end, allowed DeCosse to win the gold medal without even having to attempt a throw.


Women’s -70kg
DECOSSE, Lucie (FRA) vs. BOSCH, Edith (NED)

Semi Finals
DECOSSE, Lucie (FRA) vs. MESZAROS, Anett (HUN)

Bronze Medal Fights
SRAKA, Rasa (SLO) vs. MESZAROS, Anett (HUN)

SOL, Kyong (PRK) vs. KUNIHARA, Yoriko (JPN)
SRAKA, Rasa (SLO) vs. PASQUET, Marie (FRA)

1. DECOSSE, Lucie (FRA)
2. BOSCH, Edith (NED)
3. KUNIHARA, Yoriko (JPN)
3. MESZAROS, Anett (HUN)
5. SRAKA, Rasa (SLO)
7. SOL, Kyong (PRK)
7. PASQUET, Marie (FRA)


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